identity theft

  • Identity theft: The business time bomb
    WTN News - Madison,WI,USA - Sep 19, 2006
    Most everyone has heard of identity theft (IDT), yet unless you
    have been a victim, few people consider that they are at high risk.
    ... What is identity theft? ...

  • Mich. Inmate Runs Identity Theft Scam from Prison Cell
    Insurance Journal, CA - Sep 7, 2006
    Mich. Attorney General Mike Cox announced this week that Dale
    Morris, 42, an inmate at the Hiawatha Correctional Facility in
    Kinross ...

  • The New HP Way: Using Identity Theft To Spy On Board Members Shows ...
    Techdirt - Sep 6, 2006
    ... Whether that's "pretexting," identity theft or just garden
    variety fraud, it certainly seems a lot more questionable on the
    "personal integrity" scale than ...

  • CRIME: Identity theft is rampant in Ridgefield
    Ridgefield Press, USA - Sep 6, 2006
    Identity theft has become the fastest-growing crime in town,
    Ridgefield Police Captain Stephen Brown said last week. “Over
    the ...

  • Identity theft -- closer than you think
    Edwardsville Intelligencer, IL - Sep 5, 2006
    During a recent visit to Edwardsville, Illinois Attorney General Lisa
    Madigan discussed the growing trend of identity theft. In ...

  • We take identity theft seriously, but our banks are dragging their feet
    Guardian Unlimited, UK - Sep 4, 2006
    ... losses last year. According to credit reference agency Experian,
    almost half of all identity theft happens at a previous address. ...

  • Identity theft can happen to anyone
    Pioneer Online, OK - Sep 1, 2006
    ... One in 20 adults is the victim of identity theft, according to
    research conducted by the Federal Trade Commission. Identity
    theft ...

  • I Was a Victim of Identity Theft, IL - Sep 1, 2006
    ... They can steal your financial identity, but they can't steal you.
    That belongs to Jesus. And that's 100 percent secure from any
    identity theft. ...

  • New identity theft scam is targeting jurors
    Brattleboro Reformer, United States - Sep 1, 2006
    By BOB AUDETTE, Reformer Staff. BRATTLEBORO -- Potential
    jurors are being warned about a possible identity theft scam.
    According ...

  • Teen Arrested As Alleged Member Of ID Theft Ring
    All Headline News - Aug 31, 2006
    ... The Broward County Sheriff's Office believes that the teenager
    is involved as a member of an identity theft ring that they have
    been investigating for the last ...

  • HPD: Identity theft worsening
    Pacific Business News, HI - Aug 30, 2006
    More than 40,000 Hawaii residents have been at risk of identity
    theft in a single case this year, according to the Honolulu Police
    Department. ...